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Ilsur Metshin: “Hopefully, citizens will feel an improvement in the quality of hot water”

The Mayor of Kazan inspected the operation of an individual heating unit, equipped in the building number 33 on Batyrshina street.
Date: 18.05.2017 16:24

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(KZN.RU, May 18, Alsu Safina). By the beginning of the heating period in the capital of Tatarstan there will be individual heating units in 1115 apartment blocks. The first house to upgrade the hot water supply system this year is an apartment block number 33 on Batyrshina street. The Mayor inspected the operation of an individual heating unit. The chairman of Kordon homeowner association Margarita Andruhina told the Mayor that the residents have already felt the benefits of innovation: hot water easily reaches the top floors, and there’s no need to drain and to wait for water to heat up anymore.

“This is what we aim to. People usually file the complaints regarding the hot water heating up very slowly. About the chains wearing out, summer yards diggings, repairs of heat pipelines – a lot of issues, - the Mayor noted. - We hope that in addition to the reliability of producing hot water, residents will feel the improvement of its quality. The task is to make the citizens of Kazan feel this improvement too before the fall”.

It is worth noting that the fenced yard of the house number 33 on Batyrshina street was recognized in 2013as the most improved yard in the urban competition. Last year the adjacent territory was included in the Yards Renovation Programme.
“How beautiful! It is such a paradise here!” - the Mayor of Kazan shared his impressions.

Margarita Andrukhina noted that all the residents care about the environment of the territory.

“This is a standard and a dream came true. We are talking about this in every yard, that not only municipality and management companies should care about the tidiness. Your yard is an example of how it should be done. And we try to do our best but without your concern and participation it’s impossible,” - Ilsur Metshin said.

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