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D. Kalinkin: “The track over Kazanka river may get on the list of the most beautiful tracks in the history of Red Bull Air Race”

The air race competition will be held on July, 22-23.
Date: 17.07.2017 13:29

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(Kazan, KZN.RU July 17, Alsu Safina). The head of Kazan Executive Committee Denis Kalinkin called the forthcoming Kazan stage of the Red Bull Air Race extraordinary and requiring special training. Competition will be held in Tatarstan capital on July, 22-23.
“Kazan Kremlin had seen many events, but never was it the scenery for an air race. The track over Kazanka river may get on the list of the most beautiful tracks in the history of competition. This show will be seen by hundreds of millions viewers from 176 countries,” - said D. Kalinkin at the Business Monday.
The aerial racetrack will be located over the water area of Kazanka river, between the Millennium bridge and the Kremlin dam, – a historical and picturesque part of the city, that has a trajectory of 25m air gates. Planes have already been delivered to Kazan. The preparation of the track and equipment installation will be finished today.
The Kazan stage will be the fifth in the championship, welcoming pilots from 15 countries – 14 master-class and 6 challenger-class pilots.
On July, 22, the first day of competition, the event will begin at 10.30 am and will end at 7 pm. On July, 23 the race will start at 12 am.
For security purposes, during competitions some roads on Sibgat Khakim street will have traffic limitations. The pedestrian traffic will be limited on the Millennium bridge and the Kremlin the dam. Restrictions will take place on July, 21 – 8.30 am - 5.30 pm; July, 22 – 10.30 am - 7 pm; and on July, 23 – 8.30 am – 5 pm.
The Kremlin embankment and park in front of the Palace of Farmers will host a cultural program – football freestyle, flatland and break dance, and Sony PlayStation and Viatti playgrounds.

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