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Kazan to host FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in 2022

It was decided today, on July 17, at the meeting of the FINA Bureau in Budapest.
Date: 17.07.2017 15:14

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(Kazan, KZN.RU July 17). Kazan will host FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in 2022. It was decided today, on July 17, at the meeting of the FINA Bureau in Budapest where the 17th FINA World Championships unrolls right now. Budapest (Hungary), Chinese Taipei (ROC), and Hong Kong were other candidates alongside Kazan for the organisation of the event.

"Kazan 2022" bid committee was represented by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, first Deputy head of Executive Committee of Kazan Damir Fattakhov and the President of the Russian swimming Federation Vladimir Salnikov.

"We are confident about this and ready to raise the bar of the level of organisation and apply the innovative technologies at the Championships – we have time for this," said the minister. "Everyone sees the dynamic development of Russia, Tatartsan and Kazan as the sports capital. The Acquatics Palace will be the main Competition venue. There are Burevestnik and Olymp swimming pools as well. For accommodation, we have the Universiade Village and the hotels as well. We are actually ready to hold the Championships even tomorrow. We have everything you need for that."

"Kazan is considered the Sports Capital of Russia. Despite a thousand years of history, Kazan is a young city that is full of energy. The city is charged with the spirit of creativity, passion for sports, a desire to explore the unknown, gain new experience and always continue to learn," - Damir Fattakhov said in his speech.
He also added that the sports are of highest priorities of state policy. "In Kazan there are more than 100 nationalities who live in peace and harmony. We are all different, but sport plays a crucial role in the unity and in creating a healthy nation", - said Dmitry Fattakhov during the presentation.
First Deputy head of the Executive Committee recalled that Kazan has an extensive experience in hosting sport events of this magnitude. "We have confidence in our strength and potential, and you can be absolutely sure that Kazan will once again amaze the world with its excellent abilities, and a friendly and open spirit," - concluded D. Fattakhov.

The approximate time of the Championships is December 2022. The event is expected to feature 6 competition days and to welcome nearly 1,200 swimmers from about 180 countries.

Prior to the Championships, Kazan will host the 2022 World Aquatics Convention which will bring together up to 1,000 delegates from 190 countries.

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