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I. Metshin: “We will perpetuate the great tournament of the Soviet era with the name “Leather Ball”

The Mayor of Kazan inspected the construction of a football field on Gavrilov Street.
Date: 11.08.2017 16:57

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(KZN.RU, August 11, Alsu Safina). Today Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, inspected the construction of a football field on Gavrilov Street. The facility will become the base for the Children's Sports School “Savinovo”, where three running tracks and small forms will be along with the field. Students of nearby schools and residents of the neighborhood will also be able to attend physical education and sports here. The Mayor of Kazan proposed to name the new facility by analogy with the oldest children's and youth football tournament “Leather Ball”.

Svetlana Vostrikova, the chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, told Ilsur Metshin that the construction of the football field is conducted according to the federal special program “Development of Physical Culture and Sports of the RF for 2016-2020”. Financing is carried out from the federal and republican budgets. The size of the field is 94х63 meters, the surface area is 5922 square meters. Three 400 m long running tracks will be around the field.

Now work is underway at the site. Marat Samigulin, the head of the Department for Capital Construction and Reconstruction, noted that the training field of the “Rubin” and the university stadium in Innopolis are equipped according to the same technology, on which this field is being equipped. M. Samigulin marked that it is important to prepare a good and even ground of the field when using such technology.

Originally it was planned to complete all work on the site by the end of August but the timing has shifted because of unforeseen circumstances. M. Samigulin said that the auction was held for the supply of artificial grass. However, the supplier, which won, provided a coverage that differs in quality from what is stated in the technical requirements. As a result, the contract is terminated, and the auction will be held again. “This is force majeure, we must act within the law. We cannot agree to something second-rate in any case”, said the Mayor of Kazan.

Svetlana Vostrikova noted that the football field will be fenced and showed on the scheme, where the entrances will be placed. The road will remain between the football field and the building of the former shooting gallery, on which the residents can pass. Timur Alibaev, the head of the Aviastroitelny and Novo-Savinovsky districts’ administration, marked that the road that existed here will be fixed according to the program of overhauling the yards and driveways.

As for the building of the former shooting gallery, it is not used for its intended purpose now. The Mayor was showed the building from the inside and voiced a proposal to reconstruct this building and adapt it to the administrative and economic building and the dressing rooms of the Sports School “Savinovo”. Alexey Shuvarov, the director of the Children's Sports School “Savinovo”, said that the building could house 4 lockers for football players, 2 lockers for women and men for athletes, as well as a doctor's office, a referee's room, and an administration. Timur Alibaev noted that it is possible to build the second floor. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, instructed Marat Samigulin, the head of the Department for Capital Construction and Reconstruction, to work out a project for the reconstruction of the building.

The Children's Sports School “Savinovo” was established in 2000. Now 345 pupils are trained and 15 trainers work there. Pupils of the school play and win prizes in all age groups among young men at the championships of Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Spartakiad of Russia among children and youth sports schools, the championship of Russia of the zone “Volga Region”.

A. Shuvarov said that it is planned to open two teams for girls by September. According to I. Metshin, putting the football field into operation will increase the number of children if the Children's Sports School.

The Mayor of Kazan also asked how the new sports facility will work and how much it will be loaded. Svetlana Vostrikova noted that a schedule has been worked out, according to which the facility will be open to residents in the morning and evening hours.

“It is necessary that the children have their own schedule and the residents had the opportunity to engage in sports activities”, said I. Metshin. “It would be nice to see that this football stadium is open from 6 am until night”, he added.

The Mayor drew attention to the fact that the ice palace “Golden Puck” nearby (named by analogy with a major sports tournament) is very much in demand. “In 2013, I said that we will try and do our best to provide sports infrastructure. Now the sports palace is standing, and soon, residents will see the football stadium”, said I. Metshin. The Mayor thanked Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of Tatarstan, for this.

In conclusion, the head of Kazan proposed to name the football field “Leather Ball”. The “Golden Puck” and the “Leather Ball” are how we will perpetuate the great tournaments of the Soviet era. They will be like brother and sister”, suggested the Mayor.

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