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Residents of Kazan can estimate urban public transport

The poll on the formation of a new route network takes place in all modes of transport in the capital of the RT.
Date: 13.09.2017 15:19

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(KZN.RU, September 13, Anton Nozdrin). Since September 11, a poll of passengers is taking place on all routes and in all modes of public transport in Kazan. The citizens can express their opinion about the work of buses, trolleybuses, trams, and also estimate them and express their wishes. Such questioning became the second stage of the work on gathering information for the development of a new route network of the city.

Special employees offer passengers to answer a few questions concerning public transport during the trip. Lyudmila Aleshina, the deputy chairman of the Transport Committee, explained that it is planned to collect about 4-5 thousand questionnaires. Specialists of transport enterprises and volunteers conduct a poll. Passengers need to answer a few questions regarding the convenience of using public transport. Also, citizens can leave their wishes for transport services.

The poll will finish on September 14. Then the results will be transferred to the Moscow organization “Research Institute of Automobile Transport", which is developing a new route network.

The company had the highest score by the results of the competition. Work will be carried out in several stages within five months. The delivery of the project is planned for December of this year. Then the work will be sent for expert examination, which will be conducted by experts with a worldwide reputation.

Lyudmila Aleshina noted that the second stage of collecting information for the development of a new route network is currently underway. “The first stage is conducted on Internet portals. We selectively interview people on public transport and at bus-stops to fully cover all types of the Kazan population, including those who do not use the Internet”, said the deputy chairman of the committee. “The poll is one of the components of the initial data necessary to analyze transport services and develop a new network”, marked L. Aleshina.

Also, Kazan citizens can express their opinion by taking the poll online. More than 7 thousand residents have already participated in it since the beginning. The poll will be conducted electronically until the end of September.

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