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Renovated teenage club "Avangard" in Kazan is ready to accept twice as many pupils

Ilsur Metshin inspected the renovated center and a football field built on his instructions.
Date: 12.10.2017 17:55

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(KZN.RU, October 12). The teenage club “Avangard” operates its full power in the Sovetsky district of Kazan after the renovation. Now the club is ready to receive 600 students, which is twice as much as before. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, visited the renovated “Avangard” today. The Mayor inspected the execution of the assignment for organizing a sports ground next to the club and talked with the teachers of sections and their students.

The club building, the total area of which is 594.7 square meters, is located in the annex to the residential house of 1990 at Lomzhinskaya Street, №15. The “Avangard”, along with 7 other Kazan clubs, entered the republic's overhaul program for 2017. The building was completely renovated. Builders have replaced the water supply, electricity, sewerage, repaired the roof, facade, and completed the finishing work in all 18 premises of the “Avangard”. The ramp and bathroom for the low-mobility groups were arranged in the club as part of the program “Available Environment”.

by the instructions of Ilsur Metshin, a football field was set up in front of the center. Today, an open class was held here for schoolchildren as the lesson of physical culture, where everyone could enter the football section formed on the basis of the “Avangard”. 40 people enrolled in the section during the lesson.

The increase in the number of students after the renovation of the club is noted in other sections as well. Such popular sections as football, robotics, mechatronics, laser and 3D technologies, and others were added in addition to the sections already existed in the club such air modeling, boxing, karate, vocal, Indian and Oriental dances, hip-hop, cheerleading, and hockey. The “Good Theater” for special children will be a unique direction for the city. There are 12 camps, 3 sections, and 2 associations in the club, most of them are free of charge, and in 5 ones are by social prices.

After inspecting the sports ground, Ilsur Metshin went to the renovated club, where he talked with the teachers and students. In the dance class, the Mayor asked the children if they liked how the “Avangard” was repaired. Young dancers confirmed that the club was updated perfectly.

In the judo hall, coach Ruslan Shigabetdinov said that the section has been functioning since 2017. This is the first courtyard section in judo, where absolutely any child can enroll, regardless of physical abilities and age. “All conditions for classes are created here. This is a unique hall for judo, which meets all European standards for children's sports. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail”, R. Shigabetdinov shared his opinion and told the Mayor that it is planned to invite Russian judo stars to the “Avangard” for conducting master classes.

A special pride of the club is an aircraft modeling camp. Children create various models of gliders, participating and winning in the republican and Russian competitions with them. “I once heard from great designers that the path to the profession begins here when children do everything themselves”, Ilsur Metshin shared his memories.

Ilsur Metshin thanked the teachers for their work and wished the young engineers the “Happy flight”, signing on the wing of one of the models made by them.

Rustem Gafarov, the head of the Sovetsky district’s administration, Airat Sitdikov, the director of the MBU “Teenager”, Anton Spiridonov, the club director, and others visited the club as well.

The overhaul of teenage clubs in Kazan within the framework of the republican program is conducted for the third year. In 2015-2016, 9 clubs were renovated in the city. Last year, the “Yashlek” opened on Godovikov Street, the “Ivolga” on Zorge Street, and the club “Lemonad” on Latyshskih Strelkov Street. In 2017, 8 teenage clubs in all districts of the city were repaired in Kazan as part of the program and another club (the center named after M. Jalil) is being repaired at the expense of the investor.

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