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I. Metshin about the branch of polyclinic №10: “It is not just another level but another child's world”

The pram storage room appeared, the cloakroom was expanded, and the emergency room was created after an overhaul.
Date: 14.11.2017 16:17

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(KZN.RU, November 14, Alsu Safina). After the November holidays, the renovated branch of the city children's polyclinic №10 at Syartlanova Street, №21 began to work at full mode. The medical institution has changed beyond recognition after a major overhaul, conducted here under the new republican program. The corridors became lighter, the furniture was renewed, and the pram storage room appeared. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, appreciated the new conditions, created here for 16 thousand children, during the visit.

The Mayor inspected the polyclinic starting with the pram storage room. Ildar Fatikhov, the deputy minister of Health of the RT, and Ilnur Khalfiyev, the head of the Health Department of the Ministry of Health of the RT for Kazan, took part in the inspection. During a previous visit to the medical institution in April this year, Liliya Mukhametgatova, the head doctor of the polyclinic, told the Mayor that the lack of a pram storage room is one of the problematic issues. As a result, it was decided to organize the room outside the institution in a special annex for this purpose. In addition, the access territory was arranged in front of the entrance to the polyclinic. Now about 10 patients can park their cars at a polyclinic for the time of appointment.

Another acute issue was a small cloakroom. After the works, the place of its location and spaciousness changed. Now 300 visitors can leave the outer clothing there.

The Mayor immediately drew attention to the spacious reception area in the polyclinic. The head doctor explained that in order to expand the central zone and make it more comfortable for visitors, the redevelopment was required. They removed the cloakroom, service rooms, and the archive. Now visitors to the polyclinic at the reception desk are greeted by registrars who send parents to the necessary offices and help them make an appointment. This can be done through the terminals of the electronic queue located in the clinic as well.

There is also a room for mother and child where they can warm up milk or mixtures. “This is a different level since there is a feeding room”, Ilsur Metshin highly praised the competent approach to working with the population.

The Mayor examined the new pediatric rooms. As a result of an overhaul, it was decided to optimize the work of the entire medical facility. Children's polyclinic №10 is located in three buildings: Pobedy Prospect, №56 (main building), Fuchik Street, №4 (branch №1), and Sytrlanovoy Street, №21 (branch №2). They serve about 35 thousand children of the Privolzhsky district.

The head doctor of the polyclinic told that for the convenience of parents and young patients, it was decided to gather specialized doctor and all the diagnostics at one site at Fuchik Street, №4, where now major repairs are also under way. Pediatric services were centralized at Sytrlanova Street, №21: now there are 16 pediatric sites in eight offices, 16 thousand of them are instead of the former eight thousand. Another 17 pediatric sites are taking place in the main polyclinic on Pobedy Prospect.

In addition to the pediatric offices in the branch at Syrtlanova, №21, vaccination and treatment rooms and a laboratory were preserved, and an emergency room was created.

In general, according to Liliya Mukhametgatova, a large amount of work was done in the overhaul: repair of engineering communications (ventilation, electrical networks, heating). During all the time, sanitary facilities, toilets, procedural, vaccination rooms, laboratory, registry were repaired, and furniture was replaced in pediatric rooms. The contractor of the work was the “KazanSoyuzStroy”.

Liliya Mukhametgatova noted that even before the overhaul began, the head physicians and contractors were given methodical recommendations for repair at a meeting with Adel Vafin, the minister of Health of the RT. Thus, all polyclinics in Kazan will be repaired by a single standard.

“Perfect! Your clinic serves more than 30 thousand children, it is the whole city! It is not just another level but another child's world. Children will recover faster here and get sick less”, the Mayor of Kazan shared his impressions. There hasn’t been an overhaul in the polyclinic branch for more than 30 years.

“They didn’t just do a good job, they thought about everything”, said the head of the city. According to the Mayor, it is important that parents can see these changes.

Parents of small patients of the polyclinic noted positive changes as well.

This year the repair is carried out in 25 polyclinics according to the republican program for the overhaul of care facilities in Kazan.

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